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jQuery Range Slider

Range Slide Component


This component allows you create a range slider in a form. A range slider is a slider that has a min and a max value. This components actually creates 2 Tapestry textfields components and enhanced their behaviour by adding a slider. These 2 fields are hidden by default.


Name Required Java Type Default Prefix Default Value Description
mintrueObjectpropThe value to be read and updated, the min slider value. This value is passed to the first textfield.
maxtrueObjectpropThe value to be read and updated, the max slider value. This value is passed to the second textfield.
paramsfalseJSONObjectpropThe slider parameters (please refer to jquery-ui documentation)
zone falseStringliteralThe zone to update when changes occure on the slider. An 'action' event is triggered on the server. You can catch it on your page with @OnEvent(value=EventConstants.ACTION, component='sliderRangeZone').
displayTextField falseBooleanpropfalseA boolean indicating whether to display the 2 textfields on the client (default is false).

First example : the range slider

This is a range slider, the values are updated on submit, and the associated textfields are displayed.

The min value is 0 (updated on submit)
The max value is 0 (updated on submit)

Second example : the (vertical and animated) range slider updating a zone

The min value is 10.
The max value is 150.