Tapestry5 jQuery provides jQuery Components and can fully replace Prototype and Scriptaculous by jQuery

jQuery Tabs

Tabs Component


This component allows you create a jquery ui tab. Since Tapestry5-jQuery 3.0.2, a new implementation of this component has be developed, in order to avoid using JQueryTabData-type parameter. You can still use it, but this parameter and the JQueryTabData class will be removed in a next release.
If you use the new implementation (with the tabs parameter), Tapestry5-jQuery will look for the label in an associated bundle, with the name of the tab as a key. If the message does not exist Tapestry5-jQuery will provide a default value : the name of the tab, with capital letters and spaces.


Name Required Java Type Default Prefix Default Value Description
tabs falseStringliteralThe comma-separated list of tabs name
listTabDatafalseArrayList of JQueryTabDatapropDEPRECATED! A list of JQueryTabData (object containing the title of the tab and the name of the block that has the content).
activePanelIdtrueIntpropThe number of the tab to activate when the page is displayed on the client.
params falseJSONObjectpropThe Tabs parameters (please refer to jquery-ui documentation).
ajax falseBooleanliteralIndicate if you want to load your block by ajax.

Panel 2

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