Tapestry5 jQuery provides jQuery Components and can fully replace Prototype and Scriptaculous by jQuery


DateField Component


The JS layers of the DateField component where overriden in order to continue to use normal component declaration.
In RemovePrototype mode we use the jQuery implementation provided by Tapestry-jquery.js and we override datefieldStack.
Tapestry's DateField component is a wrapper around WebFX DatePicker. The new jQueryDatefieldStack add all the scripts files required by jQuery-UI Calendar.
You have to be careful with the format of a date. A jQuery and Java Date formats are totally different. A conversion is automatically done by Tapestry5-jQuery. But if the format you need is not managed, you should specify the format parameter of the Tapestry DateField component, and the jQuery UI dateFormat parameter thanks to the params parameter of the Tapestry5-jQuery CustomDatepicker mixin.


Simple Calendar

Date value is :

DateField inside Ajax Form

First Name:
Last Name:


Welcome Humpty Dumpty. Birthday

Tapestry5-jquery project allows you to choose whether to include or not Prototype (and original tapestry components).

In your AppModule inside contributeApplicationDefaults method, you just have to set the JQuerySymbolConstants.SUPPRESS_PROTOTYPE to "false" in order to force the use of default prototype implementation of the Tapestry Core components.

jQuery will be added to the javascript stack in every case.