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Confirm Mixin


This mixin is used to attach a JavaScript confirmation box to the onclick event of any component that implements ClientElement.
Depending on the mixin configuration, default javascript confirm or JQuery dialog box can be used.


Name Required Java Type Default Prefix Default Value Description
messagefalseStringliteralAre you sure?Confirmation message to display.
titlefalseStringliteralConfirmationDialog box title.
validationMsgfalseStringliteralOKValidation Button text.
cancelMsgfalseStringliteralOKCancel Button text.
isModalfalseStringliteraltrueIf this parameter is set to true, the user can't interact with the application while the confirmation box is displayed.
isResizablefalseStringliteralfalseIf this parameter is set to true, the user can dynamically resize the confirmation box.
isDraggablefalseStringliteraltrueIf this parameter is set to true, the user can drag the confirmation box.
useDefaultConfirmfalseStringliteralfalseIf this parameter is set to true, default javascript alert is used. Otherwise, jquery dialog box is used, and can be customized with several parameters. Usable parameters in both configurations: message. Usable parameters when useDefaultConfirm = false: title, validationMsg, cancelMsg, isModal, isResizable, isDraggable, validationMsg, cancelMsg, isModal, isResizable, height

ActionLink/Zone case (width jquery dialog):

You have clicked the link 0 times.

Increment the count

Classic link case (with default javascript confirm):

PageLink confirmation test