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Sortable Mixin


Sortable mixin, most of the time used with a UL HTML tag. After each sort, an ajax request will be send to the server, with as parameter a comma-separated list containing the ids of the ordered li tag.
When you will use this mixin, you will be able to catch the JQueryEventConstants.SORTABLE event in your Java Class. Your method will have on parameter : the comma-separated list of ids.


Name Required Java Type Default Prefix Default Value Description
optionsfalseJSONObjectpropOptions used by the Sortable JavaScript Widget

How to the Sortable Mixin ?

Most of the time, the Sortable mixin will be used with a UL element. In your java class, you will catch the jQueryEventConstants.SORTABLE event, in order to get the new ordered list.

  • Row 1
  • Row 2
  • Row 3
  • Row 4
  • Row 5